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Press Release 2016


Merger of Nitto Group Companies, Nitoms, Nitto Medical, and Nitto Lifetec

A New Nitoms to Offer Comfort and Pleasure

Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka; President, CEO & COO: Hideo Takasaki; hereafter "Nitto") has merged its consolidated subsidiaries, Nitoms, Inc. (hereafter "Nitoms"), Nitto Medical Corporation (hereafter "Nitto Medical"), and Nitto Lifetec Corporation (hereafter "Nitto Lifetec").
■About the Companies
Nitoms offers cleaning products such as tapes for DIY projects, storage solutions, and other everyday items. In 1983, Nitoms developed Colocolo® as a newer, simpler way of cleaning, and it has since sold more than 400 million units (including spare tape rolls) over the more than 30 years since its launch. Recent Nitoms products include decolfa®, a design tape that can be attached to walls for simple room decoration, and the high-end stationary brand, STÁLOGY®. In December 2015, Nitoms opened its STÁLOGY LABORATORY TOKYO flagship store in near Daikanyama Station, Tokyo.
Nitto Medical entered its 20th year of operation this year, and now provides products indispensable to the medical field such as the skin-friendly YU-KI BAN® surgical tape and NITREAT® sports tape, which is great for preventing injuries and providing first aid treatment.
Nitto Lifetec provides a variety of products that use environmentally friendly non-solvent adhesive tape. These products include Z-shaped tape, which expands two to three times to make rolling up and disposing of diapers easier; V-shaped tape, useful for attaching aprons; easy-peel adhesive tape for attaching heat packs to clothing in the winter; and film for controlling the temperature of generated heat.
■Future Plans
The merger between Nitoms (adhesion technology based solutions to make life simpler), Nitto Lifetec, (materials based solutions to make life easier), and Nitto Medical (solutions to improve people's health) combines each company’s strengths to form a new Nitoms that not only improves the daily lives of customers, but also brings comfort and pleasure. Taking advantage of the merger, Nitoms will being actively expanding overseas to locations such as South Korea, China, South Asia, and Europe, to create a future where Nitoms products are readily available wherever you are.
[New Company Profile]
Company name: Nitoms, Inc.
Representative: Hutoshi Tanaka
Start of operations: July 1, 2016
Business summary: Planning, manufacture, processing, sales, and export/import of everyday household goods, stationary, medical/healthcare products, etc
Under the brand slogan "Innovation for Customers," Nitto continues its efforts to create value in the Green (environment), Clean (new energy), and Fine (life sciences) domains. The Nitto Group will continue to combine its strengths to deliver even greater value in its consumer goods business that provides products directly to consumers.

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