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Press Release 2012


Company enters new business in environmental field with the industry's leading thermal insulation film

Nitto Denko announces release of PENJEREX™-Transparent Energy-Saving Window Insulation Film

Japan's leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation will start selling “PENJEREX™”, a new energy-saving window film featuring the industry's highest-level thermal insulation along with solar heat rejection, which allows users to achieve energy savings year-round. PENJEREX will be available from January 2013 in Japan. The product can be used for windows of office buildings, schools and commercial buildings etc. Nitto Denko continues to accelerate its business development in the environmental field by entering this key new market.

Nitto Denko group places Green (global environment) Clean (new energy) Fine (life science) products within a a new growth area, and we are determined to push forward technology development for creation of new businesses in these areas. We will continue to contribute to environmental conservation and energy saving through such business activities in the future.

Features of PENJEREX™

Most energy-saving window films are effective during the hot summer season, since they mainly focus on solar heat reduction. However, in recent years, renovation of existing houses and buildings has been popular to achieve year-round thermal insulation capacity for energy savings, in line with society's increasing demands for CO2 reduction. With its excellent heat insulation and solar heat reduction features, this latest development of Nitto Denko offers one of the best solutions to reduce unfavorable heat flow through windows, one of the key causes of energy loss, and saves energy throughout the whole year.

1) Solar heat reduction
The product rejects approximately 40% of solar heat, which improves cooling efficiency during the hot summer season and blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays.

2) Thermal insulation
The product shows the industry's top-level thermal insulation performance among the various transparent window film products currently available. (Heat Transmission Coefficient(*) 3.8W/㎡・K) Effective reflection of far-infrared rays suppresses heat flow through windows by approximately 35% to help maintain warmth during winter.

3) Transparency
The film lets through more than 70% of visible light, so that it won't negatively affect indoor lighting and visibility.

4) Scratch resistance
The product is rub-proof and not easily damaged by wiping.

(*) Heat Transmission Coefficient: An index to measure insulation performance when film is affixed to glass. Small numerical value is superior in insulation performance and reduction in heat loss when room is heated.

Derivation of the product name: “PENJEREX” is combined “Pencere” and “reflection”. Pencere means window in Turkey.

Four Charahcteristics of Transparent Insulation Film

The product’s strong point in renovation for thermal insulation

(In case of thermally insulating single pane glass window)

1) Lightweight
In contrast with renovating with a double-pane window, application of Nitto's film is a lightweight alternative for improving thermal insulation.

2) Hassle-free installation
Thermal insulation property can be added to existing windows by simply applying Nitto's film on them, which is much easier than conventional renovation procedures.

3) Improvement in safety
Holds shattered glass fragments together

Marketing schedule

Product launch : January 2013
Applications : Glass windows of buildings, display chillers, transportation vehicle windows, etc.
Sales target : 500 million yen for FY2013 and 3,000 million yen for FY 2015 *include installation costs

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