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Press Release 2012


Hands-on customer interfacing facility to create new demand and pursue innovation in cooperation with customers

Nitto Denko launches Solution Center

OSAKA, Japan--Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation (TOKYO:6988)(ISIN:JP3684000007) today announced to launch the new customer interfacing facility “Solution Center” under the concept of creating future innovation in cooperation with customers.

Nitto Denko has achieved business growth by pursuing the Sanshin (literally “three new”) activity. It is proprietary marketing method with 55 years of history. Nitto creates new demand by pursuing the technological revolution (or new technology) as well as seeking the new application possibilities of its unique technologies and products. However, in the midst of rapid advancement of information technology and globalization today, offering customers only one kind of value at a time—for example business operation speed, technological superiority or service excellence—is no longer enough. In order to meet customers’ diversifying needs, Nitto Denko has to offer more comprehensive, total solution than ever before.

The Solution Center allows customers to be exposed to Nitto Denko’s extensive technological platform and gain a hands-on feeling of the company’s unique expertise. In such a way, Nitto Denko can win customers’ confidence in its great potential as an ideal business partner and achieve new innovation in collaboration with customers. This represents Nitto Denko’s ongoing efforts for generating new demand, under the current strategy of creating many a new opportunity.

Background of the Solution Center launch

1) At Nitto Denko, sales section has conventionally taken the lead in the customer interfacing efforts. From now on, it is crucial for the company to realize an effective customer communication at any section within the organization.
2) While online marketing is getting more commonly utilized nowadays, face-to-face communication still serves significant part in developing a trusting relationship with customers.
3) Nitto Denko has created new innovations by taking the conventional product-oriented, or the “Product-out” approach, building on its proprietary Sanshin activity. Today, new demand can be created more effectively with an approach opposite to the Product-In, namely the “Market-In” concept, under which a company captures the market and customer needs first and then reflect them to the business development.

Under these circumstances, Nitto Denko launched the Solution Center as a place to create new innovation through the leveraging of the Nitto Denko group’s total expertise, in close cooperation with valued customers.

Solution Center Overview

Location:     Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan (in the Nitto Denko Toyohashi Plant premises)
Established in:January 2012
Site area:     1,300 square meters
Facility Guide:

Solution Center
  • Entrance Theater: This is where customers are invited to sit as they set foot in the Solution Center. Visual aids such as general company introduction videos can be projected in high-definition on a large pull-down screen installed there.
  • Application Area: This area displays diverse functionalities underpinned by Nitto Denko’s technological platform, as well as how they exert their capabilities in various Nitto products.
  • Interactive Exploration Area: This area lets customer experience first-hand what Nitto Denko specialties are capable of, in terms of their innovative functionalities.
  • Demonstration Area: This area features interactive exhibits which allow visitors to have a closer look at how Nitto products are created, as well as how they function.
Nitto Denko will arrange an optimally customized tour every time it invites a customer to the center, in accordance with the customer’s specific needs and technological issues at hand. In that a reservation is needed to be made through Nitto Denko sales personnel in advance.

About Nitto Denko

Founded in 1918, Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer, Nitto Denko offers to the global market about 13,500 species of high-value-added products. Nitto Denko's strength lies in its flexibility to add diverse functionality to sheets, films and other materials, fully utilizing its core technologies such as polymer synthesis, adhesion and coating technologies.

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