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The Nitto Group Certified Five New Products Under That Contribute to the Environment and/or Human Life

Nitto Denko Corporation(headquarter: Osaka, Japan, President: Hideo Takasaki, hereafter Nitto)adopted a new internal system for distinguishing products that are environmentally-friendly and contribute to the quality of human life in July 2022. The Nitto Group publishes the level of contribution that our products and services make to the wellbeing of planet Earth and human life, and recognizes those with a particularly high score by assigning PlanetFlags or HumanFlags labels. These labels embody “co-creating value through innovation,” which is one of our material issues for sustainability. The Nitto Group announces that it has certified five new products as PlanetFlags and HumanFlags products, according to the evaluation criteria.

1) PlanetFlags

Product Overview Impact on Society Image
Bio based adhesive tape
with recycled films
Functional double sided tapes for fixing components
  • Life cycle CO2 emissions: −45%
  • Contribute to resource recycling with recycled film
    and bio based adhesive

2) HumanFlags

Product Overview Impact on Society Image
Solid support for
Polymer beads for
synthesizing oligonucleotides
  • Contribute to manufacturing
    oligonucleotide therapeutics
    with high purity and yield
  • Contribute to developing new oligonucleotide therapeutics by synthesizing various oligonucleotides
Glass Anti Scattering film for automotive displays Functional film for in-vehicle displays
  • Prevent glass shattering of in-vehicle displays in the event of a collision
  • Reduce personal injury
Optical films for VR Optical films for displays and lenses of VR devices
  • Improve the image quality of VR devices and enhance the immersive experience
  • Leverage VR technology in various social fields, such as education and medical care
Advanced Circuit Circuit boards for smartphones
  • Improve the functionality of smartphones
※Please refer to the link for features and contribution values of each recognized products.

Reference: Nitto's PlanetFlags/ HumanFlags System

The Nitto Group’s definition of “customer” will be extended to include not only to the “direct customer” but also to the global environment, human life and society, as the Nitto Group aims to further realize a sustainable environment and society.

The PlanetFlags/HumanFlags system clearly defines the type of social contribution the Nitto Group aims to realize and serves as a mechanism for each employee to interact with on a daily basis. By creating products that contribute to the global environment and human life, the Nitto group is solving social issues throughout the supply chain and generating increased corporate value. The newly adopted labels are also applied in the selection of future projects from the development process stage, to advance our efforts to simultaneously solve social issues and create economic value through business.

The Nitto group aims to contribute to everyone’s wellbeing and a sustainable environment.

Please refer to the link for details of the PlanetFlags/HumanFlags.

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