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Press Release 2023


Nitto Starts Shipments of Active Optical Cable

Nitto Denko Corporation (Nitto: Osaka; President: Hideo Takasaki; hereafter "Nitto") has developed plastic optical fibers (POFs) to contribute to high-capacity communication, and is pleased to announce that it has started shipping AOCs (active optical cables) that are compatible with USB-Type-C®※1 connectors for virtual reality (VR) headset applications. In addition, Nitto has opened a dedicated Nitto AOC site. Please click the link below for more details.

Nitto Starts Shipments of Active Optical Cable


Nitto's AOC is the industry's first※2 lightweight AOC with a compact connector (Photo①) that is 40% thinner than conventional AOCs. The POF(Photo②) is both lightweight and highly flexible, allowing it to be used safely in a variety of ways such as wiring in tight spaces, repeated insertion and removal, and moving it around easily. In addition, it enables high-capacity communication by maximizing the strengths of a wired connection.
【Photo①:Connector sizes comparison (Nitto product on the left)】 【Photo②:Nitto Plastic Optical Fiber(POF)】

【Photo①:Connector sizes comparison (Nitto product on the left)】 【Photo②:Nitto Plastic Optical Fiber(POF)】


The USB Type-C® connector supports video output in DisplayPort Alt mode. Despite being thin and flexible, it has excellent stability and durability, and can be used in various applications, including VR and 4K/8K displays for professional use, as well as operating room video systems and in-vehicle infotainment, which require high speed and noise-free performance.
Thickness① 4.6mm ②8.0mm
TerminalUSB Type-C® male - USB Type-C® male
Cable Diameter4.8mm
Optical FiberGraded Index(GI)Type
High Speed Transmission Multimode Plastic Optical Fiber
Weight/LengthApprox. 200g / 5m
Transmission StandardsDisplayPort
USB Power Delivery3A / 20V
In order to meet the growing demand for high-speed transmission in all markets, Nitto will release its AOCs, which are uniquely developed by the company from the material stage, on a wide scale to several countries around the world.
The Nitto Group will continue its efforts to contribute to healthy living and a sustainable society.
Click here for the dedicated Nitto Active Optical Cable (AOC) website
1 USB Type-C® is a trademark of USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum, Inc.)
2 According to our own research

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