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Press Release 2022


Nitto's first environmentally friendly flagship office

Office Building of Toyohashi Plant "LINCS" Acquired "ZEB" Certification

Nitto Denko Corporation(headquarter: Osaka, Japan, President: Hideo Takasaki, hereafter Nitto) has an office building named "LINCS" currently under construction at the Toyohashi Plant site (Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture). LINCS utilizes renewable energy and energy saving measures which allows it to achieve an energy reduction percentage of 105%. For this achievement, LINCS has received two third-party certifications: the "ZEB" (*1) certification, and the highest evaluation of 5 stars (☆☆☆☆☆) in the BELS certification (*2).

In the "Nitto Group Carbon Neutral 2050” announcement from May 19th, 2022, Nitto stated to aim to be carbon neutral (*3) by 2050 and decrease CO2 emissions to 470,000 tons by 2030 (a reduction of approximately 40% compared to 2013). On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Toyohashi plant  in May 2022, LINCS was presented as the first environmentally friendly flagship office build to function as a "bridge" that connects "people and the natural environment" and "Nitto Group employees" and more, for future growth. The office is scheduled to be completed in October 2022 with the aim of further promoting employees’ initiative by stimulating communication, and coexistence and collaboration with local communities and society.
In addition to utilizing renewable energy generated by solar power and implementing an original louver (*5) that is a mixture of waste plastic materials and recycled wood, it utilizes natural lighting design, a light and air conditioning system and double low emissivity glass. As a result, the energy consumption rate (in regard to the consumption of standard primary energy) was reduced by 105% (including energy generation by solar power) which acquired LINCS the "ZEB" (*1) certification and 5 stars (☆☆☆☆☆) in the BELS (*2) certification.
In addition, as part of employees renewed work style, Nitto introduces a free workplaces, outdoor terraces, and remote workspaces to create an environment where employees can work comfortably and productively regardless of location. Nitto also plans to apply for the S-Rank CASBEE Wellness Office Certification (*4).
Nitto treats the global environment, humankind, and society as customers, and aims to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the Group for a sustainable future and everyone’s wellbeing.
Image of LINCS BELS certification

(*1) ZEB certification
A building which strives to save energy by making the building highly heat-insulated and from highly efficient equipment, while utilizing solar power energy to achieve net zero of the annual primary energy consumption in the building (direct energy consumption for building use). Depending on the status of energy consumption, it is certified according to the 4 stages of "ZEB", "Nearly ZEB", "ZEB Ready", and "ZEB Oriented".

(*2) BELS (Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System) certification
The BELS certification evaluates the energy-saving performance of buildings and administered by The Association for Evaluating and Labeling Housing Performance. Scores are expressed according to 5 levels indicated by star marks. The higher the rank of energy-saving, and overall performance, the higher the star count.

(*3) CO2 emissions from business activities (scopes 1 and 2)

(*4) CASBEE Wellness Office Certification
CASBEE is a comprehensive assessment of the specifications, performance, and efforts of buildings that maintain and promote the health and comfort of users. Not only the factors that directly affect the health and comfort of workers working in the building, but also the factors that contribute to the improvement of intellectual productivity and the performance related to safety and security are evaluated.

(*5) Louver blocks the line of sight from the outside, sunlight, wind, and rain by arranging narrow elongated boards in parallel with a certain inclination and changing the angle of the boards. It is used in various places for the purpose of awning, rain protection, ventilation, and blindfolding.

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