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Press Release 2020


World's First(*) Ultra-thin Glass with Polarizing Film Jointly-developed with Nippon Electric Glass

Nitto Denko Corporation (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; President: Hideo Takasaki; hereinafter, “Nitto”) in cooperation with Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Otsu, Shiga, Japan; President: Motoharu Matsumoto; hereinafter, “NEG”) has succeeded in the development of ultra-thin glass with polarizing film (hereinafter, "the product") through a roll-to-roll process, which has excellent continuous productivity.

The two companies have engaged in the development of new materials with novel functions by combining NEG’s ultra-thin glass G-Leaf™ and Nitto's wide variety of high-performance polymer films. The integrated product was developed by laminating 100 μm thick ultra-thin glass G-Leaf™ and Nitto’s thin polarizing film through a roll-to-roll process, the first such combination in the world. It is extremely thin and lightweight. Using it as a cover for a display panel will greatly contribute to improve visibility by reducing the apparent difference between the display surface and the image surface and improving the sensitivity of the touch sensors. In addition, the product retains the unique texture, flatness and hardness of glass.

NEG has established a mass production technique for G-Leaf™ rolls with a total length of more than 1 km. The G-Leaf™ rolls are then continuously and precisely adhered and rolled up with Nitto's thin polarizing film through its unique roll-to-roll process. Nitto is currently preparing for mass production for early launch into the display business.

NEG will continue to promote joint development with Nitto, with a view to contributing to various fields.

Details of the product will be announced at the 2020 SID Virtual Display Week (August 3 to 7) symposium. (URL:

* Manufactured by a roll-to-roll process, as of July 2020, according to Nitto and NEG research.

Schematic view of apparent difference

Roll product

Roll product

Sheet product

Sheet product

About Nippon Electric Glass

NEG, as a leading manufacturer of special glass, contributes to the development of the display industry by producing and supplying high-quality substrates and thin glass for displays. NEG will continue to provide new value to society through manufacturing that satisfies various requirements, such as large, thin, flexible, yet high-performance glass.

About G-Leaf™

G-Leaf™ is an extremely thin glass with a thickness of 200 µm (0.2 mm) or less, manufactured by an overflow forming technology developed through the accumulated research of NEG. The product retains the qualities of glass, such as high light transmittance, hardness, surface smoothness, gas barrier properties, and heat resistance, yet can be bent or rolled into a roll. Due to its unique properties, we expect growing demand especially in the fields of flexible devices and touch panels. G-Leaf™ is a trademark of Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

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