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Press Release 2016


Initiation of Drug Development for Oncology Using Nitto’s Proprietary DDS Platform

Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President, CEO & COO: Hideo Takasaki; “Nitto”, hereafter) is engaged in drug discovery and development for intractable diseases. In January 2016 Nitto BioPharma, Inc. (“Nitto Biopharma”, hereafter) was established with a focus on pharmaceutical research and development and has now initiated operations in San Diego, CA, USA.
Nitto’s drug development programs are progressing as planned; the first program for liver fibrosis (ND-L02-s0201) is in preparation for phase-2b clinical study. Nitto is also planning to file a regulatory submission for initiation of clinical studies in fiscal year 2016 for lung fibrosis.
Additionally, Nitto is expanding its pipeline and moving forward with oncology programs based on newly identified therapeutic target molecules and DDS (Drug Delivery Systems). Nitto is well situated to utilize its drug development expertise including nucleic acid and DDS design, bio-evaluation, and clinical study management which have been cultivated during progression of the fibrosis program.
The new programs have been initiated at Nitto’s Hokkaido Laboratory in Japan and Nitto Biopharma, planning to submit a new IND application in fiscal year 2017. Nitto plans to announce more details in April 2017.
Under the slogan of “Innovation for Customers”, Nitto plans to continue expanding their business reach in the Green (Environment) / Clean (New Energy) / Fine (Life Sciences) domains in order to contribute to our customer’s value creation. Taking the opportunity of establishing this new company, Nitto will promote drug development for treating intractable diseases, such as fibrosis and cancers, which are activities in Fine (Life Sciences) domain.

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