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Press Release 2016


Institutional Investor “2016 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings” Nitto Selected in “Best CEOs” and Two Other Categories

Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka; President, CEO & COO: Hideo Takasaki; hereafter “Nitto”) ranked first in “Best CEOs” (Chemical Sectors, Buy Side) as part of the “2016 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings” by Institutional Investor, one of the world's foremost financial information magazines. Nitto also placed third in the “Best IR Professionals” (Chemicals Sector, Sell Side) and second in the “Best IR Companies” (Chemicals Sector, Sell Side).
Under the brand slogan "Innovation for Customers," Nitto continues its efforts to create value in the Green (environment), Clean (new energy), and Fine (life sciences) domains. Hideo Takasaki, President, CEO & COO of Nitto, works closely with the IR Department to engage in highly proactive and transparent IR activities, providing his own explanations to facilitate better understanding of the company. Yukio Nagira, who served as CEO of the company in 2013, was the first Nitto CEO to rank first place in the "Best CEOs" (Chemicals Sector, Sell Side). Mr. Takasaki is the second Nitto CEO to achieve this honor. We believe these rankings were awarded in general recognition of Nitto’s continuous efforts across a number of activities.
Nitto will continue to provide "Innovation for Customers" through its high-quality IR activities, and strive toward maximizing corporate value.
[About The 2016 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings]
Institutional Investor, a monthly magazine launched more than 50 years ago, aimed at financial institutions, introduced the rankings in 2013. In February 2016, 515 investment professionals at 205 financial services firms ranked Japanese companies engaged in outstanding IR activities across 25 corporate sectors.

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