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Press Release 2014


Aiming at realizing co-creation through encounters of people, knowledge and technology

Establishment of a facility for integrated R&D and human resource development activities

To create a forum for encouraging personal interchanges and making co-creation possible, Nitto Denko Corporation (Head Office: Osaka City; President: Hideo Takasaki; hereinafter “Nitto”) has decided to establish a facility for integrally implementing R&D and human resource development inside the Ibaraki Office. Following the motto, “creating something new from studying the past,” we aim to encourage exchanges and dialogues between people and technologies, and produce innovations so as to create future value. Construction of the facility will begin in September 2014, and operations are planned to begin in October 2015.

Background and aims

Creating new businesses and themes is an important challenge for companies to survive the ever-intensifying global competition. The environment surrounding R&D is also becoming increasingly tough, making it difficult to create new innovations if we rely only on measures based on the experience that mainly comes from using conventional internal resources. We have therefore decided to have our employees discuss new ways of working and create ideas and give shape to them.
To make this possible, we will encourage not only our employees but also people outside the company such as clients, partner corporations and government personnel to have exposure to Nitto’s events, from the past to the future, and we will strongly promote the interchange of people both inside and outside the company. Since the training of personnel who support this activity is the most important measure, we will offer all sorts of training opportunities to all of our employees.
As people come together, exchange ideas, and refine their skills and technologies in this manner, they are expected to create innovations as only Nitto can, and foster “Nitto Persons.” This is why we have decided to build a facility that offers a forum for making these possible.

Overview of the facility

Location: Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture (inside the Nitto Ibaraki Plant)
Total floor are: Approximately 20,000 sq. m. (4 stories above ground)
Facility makeup: Corporate R&D’s main office, Intellectual Property Department, laboratories, Nitto Analytical Techno-Center, Innovation Center, Human Resource Development Center
Start of construction: September 2014
End of construction: October 2015

Prospective illustration of the completed building

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