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Press Release 2014


Accelerating the creation of new themes in China

R&D center to be established inside Qingdao Industrial Technology Research Institute, our first in China

Nitto Denko Corporation (Head Office: Osaka City; President: Hideo Takasaki; hereinafter “Nitto”) will establish an R&D center inside the Qingdao Industrial Technology Research Institute, located in the city of Qingdao, China. This will be our fourth overseas R&D base .
The goal is to create new innovations relating to agriculture, energy and the environment, and produce relevant materials, based on a market-oriented R&D setup. We plan to establish a company and begin operations at the new Research Institute before the end of this year.

Background and aims

The Nitto Group has established an R&D setup spanning four key global sites in Japan, the United States, Switzerland, and Singapore, and has been promoting a locally-led global R&D structure that makes use of the unique characteristics of each area.
To ensure the further growth of our existing businesses in the Chinese market which will become increasingly important in the coming years, and to create future value, Nitto recently concluded an agreement with the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and will establish Nitto (Qingdao) Technology Research Institute, Co., Ltd., as our first research center in China. We will begin operations with a small number of staff members, and ultimately establish a setup comprising about 30 people.
The new Research Institute will carry out R&D focusing on wavelength conversion materials, photocatalyst materials, nanomaterials, and other new materials that are based on Nitto’s element technologies, and work to create new products for use in sectors relating to agriculture, energy and the environment.

Overview of the Research Institute

Location: Inside the Qingdao Industrial Technology Research Institute, Qingdao–city, the People’s Republic of China
Registered name (in Chinese): 日東(青島)研究院有限公司
Registered name (in English): Nitto (Qingdao) Technology Research Institute, Co., Ltd.
Establishment of a company: October 2014 (planned)
Start of operation: December 2014 (planned)

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