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Press Release 2015


Featuring a Giant COLOCOLO Packed with Innovation!

Nitto Innovation Museum to be Opened in Tokyo

Nitto Denko Corporation (Nitto, headquartered in Osaka, President, CEO & COO Hideo Takasaki) will open the Nitto Innovation Museum at the KITTE Atrium in Marunouchi from Thursday, October 15 to Sunday, October 18 to allow visitors to experience the company’s innovations.

Event outline
The Nitto Innovation Museum is a hands-on exhibition event introducing the Nitto Group. A giant COLOCOLO, about 60 times the normal size of the group’s leading product COLOCOLOⓇ, will be erected in Marunouchi, Tokyo. From the moment you step inside, an unimaginable space based on a vision of the future unfolds. In every scene, visitors can experience Nitto’s technologies which have created new value, including the astonishing technologies behind COLOCOLOⓇ, and the future ahead.
Please come and look, touch, and experience Nitto’s brand slogan “Innovation for Customers”.

Image for illustrative purposes only

*Image for illustrative purposes only

About Nitto
Under the brand slogan “Innovation for Customers”, Nitto has produced more than 13,500 kinds of products in over 70 industries based on our essential technologies such as adhesive technology and coating technology. Our centennial year is approaching in 2018, and we intend to continue creating new value into the future in the areas of Green (environment), Clean (new energies) and Fine (life science).

Event information


Thu, Oct 15 14:30-20:00
Fri, Oct 16 12:00-20:00
Sat, Oct 17 12:00-20:00
Sun, Oct 18 11:00-19:00

KITTE Atrium    2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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