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Press Release 2015


In response to growing demands from the shift towards lightweight cars with electronics,

A new plant in Taiwan to produce PVC tape for automotive wire harness bundling

Nitto Denko Corporation (headquarters in Osaka; Hideo Takasaki, president; hereafter referred to as “Nitto”) will construct a new plant at its Taiwanese subsidiary (Nitto Denko Taiwan Corp.) to boost production of PVC tape for automotive wire harness bundling, increasing it’s productive capacity by 20%.

With the rise in use of electronics in automobiles, the number of electronic components and quantity of connective cables also increases. Moreover, due to society’s demands for environmental regulations, auto makers are being called upon to reduce the weight of auto components. Our company’s PVC tape for wire harness bundling comes in a 0.07 mm type -- the thinnest in the world -- as well as various heat-resistant types, and is sold through our sales networks in 20 countries worldwide. It is currently produced in Japan, Shanghai, and Taiwan. At this time, we are working to meet the global increase in demand by increasing production capacity in Taiwan, the location of the main production plant.

[Overview of investment]
・Content of investment: Construction of new plant
・Site of construction: Inside on-site processing zone of Nitto Denko Taiwan Corp.
・Item to be produced: PVC tape for wire harness bundling
・Completion time: October 2015

Conceptual drawing of new plant

Conceptual drawing of new plant

Under the brand slogan of “Innovation for Customers,” Nitto aims to deliver value that is “Green” (environmental), “Clean” (new energy), and “Fine” (life science). As one of the areas of our focus, Nitto will leverage the synergy of all businesses throughout our organization towards creating new value in the automotive industry.

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