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Press Release 2015


The Nitto Channel opens on YouTube featuring our new TV commercials for the Osaka Women’s Marathon 2015

As a part of our efforts to promote the corporate brand values of Nitto Denko Corporation (HQ: Osaka, Japan; President: Hideo Takasaki, hereafter referred to as Nitto), we have opened the Nitto Channel on YouTube in January 2015 to leverage videos to strengthen communication with our customers.
Nitto has sponsored the Osaka Women’s Marathon eleven times since 2005. This year, we developed two TV commercials that we will broadcast on the day of the marathon. One features our employees taking on a “Dance Challenge,” and the other represents our brand slogan, “Innovation for Customers.” Please visit the Nitto Channel on YouTube to see these videos and more.

“Nitto Channel” on YouTube

We will start by releasing TV commercials and then continue to update the channel with a variety of videos showing our B2C offerings and other products in order communicate Nitto’s value globally.

Commercials of Osaka Women’s Marathon 2015

・“Dance Challenge 2015”: Three videos
・“Innovation for Customers”: Three videos
1) “Dance Challenge 2015”
This series of commercials features a “Dance Challenge” by Nitto Group employees from all around the world. The Nitto song’s lyrics describe Nitto’s long traditions, which are ingrained into our DNA. We started the Dance Challenge last year, and this year, have expanded it to include a greater number of countries. A number of Nitto employees also participate in the Osaka Women’s Marathon. We continuously support then under the slogan, “Nitto supports those who challenge themselves.” This year, actress Riisa Naka joined our “Dance Challenge” as well.
2) “Innovation for Customers”
This TV commercial carries the message of Nitto’s brand slogan “Innovation for Customers.” The commercial takes place at Nitto Innovation Center. Located in Nitto’s Toyohashi Plant, Nitto Innovation Center is one of the places where we create innovations for our customers. In this video, a very unconventional customer visits Nitto. It shows Nitto employees working together to sincerely come up with innovative solutions for our customer’s unique requests.

Broadcasting Schedule

■ From Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Advance release of some parts of “Dance Challenge” TV commercials
The Nitto Channel on YouTube:

■ From around noon on Sunday, January 25, 2015. Release of full-length commercials
(1) During the Osaka Women’s Marathon, broadcast by Fuji TV (national) via Kansai TV
(2) The Nitto Channel on YouTube

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