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Press Release 2017


Transforming High-speed, Large-capacity Communications in the Era of Next-generation, High-definition Displays

Nitto Enters the New Plastic Optical Cable Business

With the goal of realizing next-generation, high-speed, large-capacity communications, Nitto Denko Corporation (headquartered in Osaka; Hideo Takasaki, President; hereinafter referred to as “Nitto”) will embark on activities in the plastic optical cables business.
Nitto intends to make a positive contribution to the next generation by developing and mass-producing transmission cables that enable high-speed, large-capacity communications to meet demand in the age of high-definition resolutions of 8K and above, with advice from Dr. Yasuhiro Koike, Professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University.
Nitto Enters the New Plastic Optical Cable Business

High-speed, Large-capacity Communications Technology Indispensable for the Age of IoT Life

Great advances have been made in displays alongside the spread of high-tech TVs, monitors, and smartphones. The future will bring the need for more beautiful and realistic presentation, which will require high-speed communications for the delivery of 8K and higher resolutions.
In the example of endoscopic surgery in the medical field, the goal is to send high-definition, 8K resolution, noiseless image data to displays in real time. This is expected to enable surgical procedures that have thus far been considered impossible in addition to further advancements.

The Arrival of the Age of High-speed, Large-capacity Communications and Expectations for Optical Transmission

At present, wireless, electrical, and optical are the main modes of information transmission. With the arrival of the age of high-speed, large-capacity communications around 2020, the need for optical transmission, which is able to handle larger loads of information, is projected to expand.

Development of New Plastic Optical Cables with the Goal of Starting Mass Production in 2019

Nitto is determined to contribute to the next generation by developing plastic optical cables using new materials. To this end, we aim to begin mass production in fiscal 2019 while extensively drawing on the store of extrusion technology related to optical film that we have accumulated so far and accessing a wide range of industries.

New Plastic Optical Cables with Various Advantages in Aspects Including Transmission Performance and Processability

In addition to its ability for high-speed data transmission of over 100 Gbps, the new plastic optical cables in development at Nitto will be able to easily deliver optical transmission even in devices with limited space, that are difficult to equip with glass optical cables, thanks to the excellent flexibility of the fiber material itself.
Nitto’s plastic optical cables will also be able to offer high heat-resistance thanks to an original manufacturing method. As such, in addition to installation in high-definition displays, it can also potentially be equipped in vehicles such as aircrafts and automobiles.

Strengths and Features of the New Plastic Optical Cables

High speed, large capacity, fine cable, lightweight Ability to make wiring slimmer while allowing high-capacity communications
High heat resistance Ability to differentiate based on the heat resistance deriving from Nitto’s new materials
Processability and safety Ability to lower the risk of breakage as compared to glass optical cables

Regarding the Development of the Market for the New Plastic Optical Cables

Medical equipment Advancement of surgery and contribution to medical care sites through 8K endoscopic cameras capable of high-definition display
Automobiles Increase in the speed of intra-vehicle communications, reduction of vehicle weight due to replacement of conventional wire harnesses, and improvement of safety by higher resistance to vibrations and bending
Aviation industry Increase in the speed of intra-plane communications, reduction of aircraft weight due to replacement of conventional electrical cable, and improvement of safety by higher resistance to vibrations and bending. Use for improvement of maintenance through detection of fuselage deformation by optical cables etc.
8K displays Construction of smarter systems by transmission of 8K signals carrying high information loads through a single cable without compression

Nitto’s Aim to Contribute to Future Society

Capitalizing on the flexibility of the new plastic optical cables and the high security offered by cable will enable high-speed, large-capacity communications in various areas. These include living spaces such as houses, offices, and hospitals; communications within vehicles such as aircraft and automobiles; futuristic robots; and even outer space.
By pursuing the development of new plastic optical cables, Nitto will help usher in an information and communications society capable of linking people around the world at any time, safely and with peace of mind.

Opening of an Optical Cable Joint Research Center

In connection with its entry into the plastic optical cables business, Nitto has reached an agreement for joint research of plastic optical cables using new materials together with Keio University and established the “Nitto X Keio University Optical Cable Joint Research Center” within the Keio Photonics Research Institute affiliated with Keio University's Faculty and Graduate School of Science and Technology on Keio University’s Shin-Kawasaki Town Campus.

Location: Within Building E, Shin-Kawasaki Town Campus, Keio University
Objective: Research of new plastic optical cables
Headed by Dr. Koike as Center Director
Date of establishment: October 2017
Division of roles: Keio University: Provision of research facilities and equipment to Nitto for its use
Nitto: Performance of research using the research facilities and equipment provided by Keio University
1) Raw material design
2) Optical design of fibers
3) Basic research on the establishment of evaluation technology and other technologies
4) Commercialization technology
In accordance with our brand slogan, “Innovation for Customers,” we at Nitto are expanding our business portfolio in new fields in order to provide value to society.

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