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Company Detail

Nitto Scandinavia AB has since many years been recognised as one of the leading suppliers if Industrial Tapes in Scandinavia.
We are today the market leader of tapes and systems for joint closure of cables to the Electrical and Telecom segment.
The mobile phone segment is served with double coated tapes, protective films and sealing materials.
Other important segments are water-soluble tapes for the paper and printing industry, protective film for stainless steel, and products like double-coated tapes and EPDM foam to the automotive segment. Environmental related issues like green products and renewable energy are considered as vital segments for business expansion in the future.
The Scandinavian countries are targeting to take a lead and be among the leading countries for the business growth in these segments.
Nitto Scandinavia will play an important role as supplier of special tapes and niche products.

Company Profile

Established Date 1981/Jan/9
Managing Director Henning Larsen
Address Heljesvagen 9, 437 36 Lindome, Sweden
TEL +46-31-99-30-10
FAX +46-31-99-44-44

Company History

1981 Established when the former Nitto Denko agent was acquired. At that time Sweden, Norway and Denmark were the business territory. The area has now been expanded to include also Finland, Iceland and the Baltic States.

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