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Industrial Equipment


For seam and screw protection

Ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene film tape with slippery surface

Prevents clothing and shoes from hooking and catching.

For attaching side window

Strong attachment without screws

Strong attachment without screws.


For attaching various parts

Improves workability and external appearance

For control panel attachment

Strong attachment without screws

For attaching baseboards

Strong attachment without screws

For frame and panel structural materials

Just stick it on for added livability and a lightweight feel

For cage reinforcement

Strong attachment without screws

For sound reduction when using doors

Soundproof sealing material with flame-retardant properties

Reduce vibration

Lightweight, highly-functional damping material

Sign Display

For frame attachment

Strong, flexible acrylic-based double sided tape

Can be used for attaching display frames.

Strong attachment without screws


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