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Our Basic Views on Corporate Governance

We at the Nitto Group make clear our fundamental values and sense of purpose with respect to performance of business in the form of our “Corporate Philosophy.” We have also established guidelines (the “Nitto Group Business Conduct Guidelines”) for concrete behavior based on this business principle, and spare no effort to make them universally known to our executives and employees.

In order to maximize our corporate value and achieve continuous growth under this “Corporate Philosophy,” we believe that prompt and transparent decision making, as well as bold managerial decisions, are necessary. Fully aware of the importance of establishing corporate governance to achieve such decision-making, we will not only ensure the effectiveness of our corporate governance system, but also further improve the system by establishing these “Corporate Governance Guidelines" in accordance with the following basic principles.

  1. We ensure the rights and equality of our shareholders.
  2. We collaborate with our stakeholders appropriately.
  3. We disclose information appropriately to ensure transparency.
  4. We aim to realize the management functions expected of us by our stakeholders.
  5. We engage in constructive dialogue with our shareholders.

As part of our further efforts to achieve fair and transparent management, basic policies have been formulated for each field of specialization, and governance is carried out based on these policies.


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