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PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Certified Products

PlanetFlags Certified Products in Fiscal 2021

Low VOC Double-Sided Tape

Developed with our emulsion polymerization technology, Nitto’s low VOC double-sided tape incorporates both superior environmental performance (reduced CO2 and VOC emissions) and outstanding adhesive performance at the same time. In recognition of these features, our low VOC double-sided tape received the Excellent Award at the 46th Environment Award. Over twenty automobile-related manufacturers throughout the world use Nitto’s adhesive tape to fix automotive interiors, thus helping them to reduce CO2 emissions over the life cycle and create a comfortable interior environment. We expect that this award-winning tape will be found to have a wide range of applications for mobile devices.

RO membranes for ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

The Nitto Group’s RO (reverse osmosis) membranes are being adopted for a wide range of applications due to their ability to recycle wastewater at a lower cost and with less energy and fewer CO2 emissions than the traditional evaporation method. As effluents from plants increase throughout the world, particularly in recent years, causing pollution and drought, some countries and regions are setting effluent limits or tightening relevant laws and regulations. Much is expected in this regard from the ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) wastewater recycling system, which uses RO membranes to recover all effluents without discharging it to external eco-systems. RO membranes designed for ZLD are superior to standard RO membranes in terms of resistance to contamination and high-pressure treatment, and thus provide an optimal membrane technology solution for effluent treatment as it becomes increasingly difficult and diversified. The Nitto Group’s RO membranes for ZLD that are currently in use throughout the world are capable of recycling 16.9 million tons of wastewater per year, which is equivalent to the amount of domestic water used by 230,000 people.

HumanFlags Certified Products in Fiscal 2021

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards for HDDs

Nitto’s Thin-film metal base board(CISFLEX™) with micro-wiring technology are precision printed circuits used in hard disk drives (HDDs) which read and write data and transmit signals. With the increase in speed and capacity of HDDs for data centers, the Nitto Group’s flexible printed circuits have been widely adopted due to our ability to meet advanced technological requirements and standards using fine pitch wiring. In a data-driven, “smart” society, it is expected that the IoT (Internet of Things) will connect all people and things, allowing various knowledge and information to be shared, which will lead to the creation of new, unprecedented value. In order to store such a vast amount of data, HDDs are essential. Based on 2021 results, the total storage capacity of shipped HDDs equipped with these circuits are 1,350 exabytes (translating to approximately 190 billion hours of 4K video). With the need for HDDs expected to double (on a capacity basis) in the next five years, this Nitto product will continue to make a contribution.

Contract Manufacturing of Oligonucleotide Therapeutic

Nucleic acid medicines, which are composed of DNA and RNA, are expected to enable the treatment of diseases that have been difficult to treat in the past. From the early stages of the market to date, the Nitto Group has manufactured as many as 1,255 types of nucleic acids, supporting pharmaceutical companies and drug discovery companies as they accelerate pharmaceutical development in order to find solutions for various intractable diseases. As we enter a period of market growth with the number of nucleic acid medicines in the market increasing, we plan to expand our manufacturing capacity so that we can provide high-quality nucleic acid medicines to more patients. We will also commit to refining our technology to contribute to realizing healthy lives for everyone.

Medical Films

With continued improvements made over time in cooperation with our medical packaging manufacturer customers, Nitto’s medical films have exceptional chemical resistance and durability and are used as packaging materials for pharmaceuticals.  The recent increase in drug dosage demand due to COVID-19 has also led to an increased demand for drug packaging, and we believe that providing the market with a stable supply of higher-quality films will help deliver necessary pharmaceuticals to people around the world.  We will work to further improve quality and provide a stable supply in order to contribute as much as we can to people’s health through this business.

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