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Company Detail

Nitto France was the second sales office to be opened in Europe.
Main part of this business is divided between Transportation, Paper & Printing industry, Metal processing, Distribution and others markets.
The Transportation segment has grown successfully since 2005.

Company Profile

Company Name NITTO FRANCE s.a.r.l.
Established Date 1976/Nov/1
Managing Director Geoffroy Hue Habrioux
Address Immeuble "Le Rabelais" 22 Avenue des nations CS 10024 Villepinte 95926 ROISSY CH DE GAULLE CEDEX
TEL +33-1-48 17 87 50
FAX +33-1-48 17 87 59

Company History

1976 Foundation of Nitto France. French office is located in Paris.
1991 Tranfer of the French office from Paris to Garges-Lès-Gonesse, Paris suburbs
2001 Superficie of the French office is double

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