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Vibration-damping Material LEGETOLEX series

Legetolex is a visco-elastic, structural damper with a high damping performance and a low weight. It consists of a thin constraining layer (aluminium or glass cloth) and a self-adhesive synthetic rubber.

This combination significantly reduces vibration and noise levels.


  • High performance vibration damping
  • Extremely lightweight, reduces overall vehicle weight
  • Excellent adhesion on the vibrating structure thanks to the special rubber compound
  • Easy to apply even on curved or oily surfaces
  • Application possible before and after ED-paint process
  • Design, test and evaluation in our Automotive Technical Centre (ATC)
  • Robotic application possible
  • Improves door closure sound


  1. Aluminium layer
  2. Rubber layer
  3. Release liner


D-300 D-320 D-350 D-370LE
Initial thickness 1.5 mm 1.6 mm 2.2 mm 1.8 mm
Constraining layer thickness 0.127 mm 0.200 mm 0.200 mm 0.390 mm
Adhesion to BA steel  100 kPa  100 kPa  140 kPa  105 kPa
 Weight  2300 g/m²  2500 g/m²  3200 g/m²  2500 g/m²


Legetolex finds its use in vibration damping of sheet metal panels. It is a typical automotive product, although other applications are very common as well (washers, dryers, ovens, etc).
By applying damping material to about 30% of the panel surface, sufficient noise reduction can be obtained.

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TEL +90-212-886 90 40
Çalışma saatleri (Türkiye saati ile) 8:00-17:30
Cumartesi, Pazar ve Tatil Günleri Hariç