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Double-coated Tape 5015E

Nitto double-coated tape 5015E consists of a non-woven tissue carrier, coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive used for a wide variety of mounting applications.

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  • High repulsion resistance
  • Wide range of working temperatures
  • High adhesion on difficult to adhere materials e.g. low surfaces energy
  • Recognition by imprint of the carrier
  • RoHS compliant


  1. Acrylic adhesive
  2. Non-woven tissue
  3. Acrylic adhesive
  4. Release liner


Adhesive type Pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive
Tape thickness 0,160 mm
Release liner Siliconised white Nitto paper
Carrier type Non-woven tissue
Adhesion value 1600 cN/20mm
Release value 20 cN/50mm
Static shear 1 mm/3h


Nitto 5015E is designed to make foams self-adhesive for a wide range of sealing applications. Especially when they are exposed to severe stress, as in automotive applications. The double-coated tape is used to bond graphic overlays, plastic plates and molds, surely if they have a low surface energy.

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Çalışma saatleri (Türkiye saati ile) 8:00-17:30 (Cumartesi, Pazar ve Tatil Günleri Hariç)

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