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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Nitto Belgium, in line with the Nitto Group’s policy “We place Safety before everything else”, commits to establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace environment for everyone in and around our company: employees, the local and global community, customers, visitors and contractors.

We realize that in order to safeguard the earth for the coming generations, a sustainable use of resources in our operations is essential. Through the adoption of the corporate vision 'Environmental Social Governance (ESG) @ Core of Management’ Nitto Belgium, is committed, in all its operations, to respect and act in the best interest of the environment and the wellbeing of the community. The implementation of our SHE-policy is based upon the following principles:

  • All activities will take place in full compliance with the applicable laws and other compliance engagements as well as the worldwide Nitto -guidelines regarding environment, health and safety.

  • A safe and proper management of chemical substances: Nitto Belgium aims to implement a consistent approach to the information we provide relating to the safe management of chemical substances including raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products.

  • Our manufacturing processes will be adjusted and improved continuously in such a way that activities will occur in safe, healthy and environmentally friendly circumstances with focus on:

    • Elimination of hazards and reduction of risks to create a safe & healthy work environment, based on risk assessment and implemented and maintained through a dynamic risk management system.
    • Waste and waste-water reduction.
    • Reduction of emissions to the air.
    • Economic use of raw materials and water.
    • Efficient and effective consumption of energy in order to reduce the CO2-footprint.

  • The development of products and new technologies will incorporate a high level of attention to a safe and healthy application, to reduce the possible negative environmental impact. Health, safety and environmental impact (based on a.o. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)) taken into consideration for new investments and in the design of new products.

  • Nitto aims for an interdependent safety culture where encouraging preventive and proactive behavior is key. Therefore, all employees, the social partners and external parties, having a relevant impact on the health and safety of those involved as well as on the environment, will receive adequate information and/or training and will be actively involved in order to ensure that the policy will be understood, implemented and maintained.

  • Based upon a proper understanding of our operational impact, we will develop internal environmental, health and safety objectives and targets, and pursue them in an organized manner to ensure the continual improvement.

  • We will also communicate our safety and environment policy to our suppliers and integrate the policy in our supplier assessment and selection process. We want to convey our slogan ‘Open-Fair-Best’ also in the area of environment, health and safety through an open and direct dialogue with clients, suppliers, the authorities and surrounding inhabitants.
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