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Mid-Term Management Plan

Mid-Term Management Plans Nitto-2018

[The three challenges of the Mid-Term Management Plan]

Accelerating Business Portfolio Reform

While endeavoring to realize growth in our existing businesses, we will also create new businesses in the "Green, Clean, and Fine" domains of "environment, new energy, and life sciences," by integrating technology, information, and individual efforts in each market domain.

Thoroughly Carry Out "Mu-Gen-Dai" for Structural Reform

Make unified efforts to carry out Mu: to rid, Gen: to reduce, and Dai: to replace; in order to establish a robust corporate structure that is invulnerable to the changes in the environment.

Investment of Resources (a total of 350 Billion JPY in 3 years)

We plan to invest 190 billion JPY on capital investments as a manufacturing company, as well as 160 billion JPY on strategic investments including M&As and environmental efforts.

Mid-Term Management Plans Nitto-2018
Note: To respond to fast-changing external environments, Nitto updates its three-year Mid-Term Management Plans each year (rolling plans).


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