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Nitto Group Integrated Report

Nitto Group Integrated Report 2022

<Supplemental Information> Regarding the Content of “Business Strategies and Progress by Segment” (p. 33-40)

With the establishment of the Human Life Solutions Sector, we have reorganized business segments in FY2022.
The “Summary of Overall Business” on p. 33-34 is categorized according to the four segments in FY2021: “Industrial Tape,” “Optronics,” “Life Science,” and “Others.” However, on p. 35-40 which describes “Our Goals for 2030” and “Mid- and Long-Term Strategies,” the “Human Life”* segment, newly established in FY2022, is listed along with “Industrial Tape” and “Optronics.”
*In addition to the conventional contributions of medicines, the “Human Life” segment will accelerate the development of products that contribute to coexistence with the global environment and people's lives and livelihoods.

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<Please note> The following parts were modified on July 29 and August 31, 2022.

  • CO2 emissions of the base year on p. 26: 684,000tons ⇒ 685ktons
  • FY 2021 figures of Total Waste, Etc. on p. 10: 143 ktons, 0.167 ton/million yen ⇒ 144 ktons, 0.169 ton/million yen
  • Disclosure Pursuant to TCFD Recommendations on p. 51

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