Developed by Nitto, RAYCREA is the light control technology enabling new forms of light expression. When applied to a glass or acrylic panel with a LED at its edge, RAYCREA film guides the light from the source, making the surface glow. Possessing a range of features, RAYCREA will open up new possibilities for surface lighting.
*RAYCREA is currently under development.

■ Wideness

Film with RAYCREA technology has no limitations in length, making it suitable for expansive surface lighting and allowing standard window glass and acrylic panels to be transformed into lights.

■ Distribution control

RAYCREA specializes in controlling the beam angle while illuminating surfaces. The film’s brightness varies depending on the angle, providing illumination in one direction, while reducing glare in others.

■ Duality

RAYCREA film captures light on one side, while remaining transparent on the other. When not emitting light, both sides retain the original transparency of the glass or acrylic panel.

■ Flexibility

The highly flexible film is thin and lightweight, allowing for the creation of highly expressive light-emitting surfaces both flat and curved. When illuminated with color and layered together, RAYCREA panels can produce a wide range of color, luminance and clarity.


Leading figures from a range of fields, including architecture, product design and visual expression, were among the first to experience RAYCREA. As leaders in exploring new possibilities of both expression and technology, how do they see the potential of RAYCREA?


In September 2021, Nitto exhibited at Milan Design Week for the first time to present RAYCREA, the new light control technology it has been developing. The "Search for Light" exhibition, created in partnership with architectural lighting designer Kaoru Mende, raised expectations for the technology and its unique power of expression. Further information about the exhibition, including photos and videos, can be found below.