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Press Release 2014


The industry leading energy-saving (solar-control and heat-insulation) window film

Nitto announces the release of two new models of PENJEREX®

In March 2014, Nitto began sales of PENJEREX® PX-7060S and PX8080S, the improved version of PENJEREX® energy-saving window film with solar control and heat insulation properties. These new products offer improved heat-insulation, transparency and scratch resistance.

Since its release in 2013, PENJEREX® has gained recognition for its high heat-insulation, transparency, and solar heat rejection. PENJEREX® has been used in government offices, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. With its expanded PENJEREX® lineup, Nitto hopes to continue to accelerate business development while contributing to the preservation of our environment.

Features of PENJEREX®

Features of PX-7060S

PX-7000A has received high praise as a year-round, energy saving window film which features both solar control and heat-insulation properties. Our new product, PX-7060S, has the same thickness as PX-7000A and offers industry-leading heat-insulation performance (U-value*:3.6W/㎡・K)while maintaining high transparency and solar heat rejection.

1.Solar Heat Reduction
PX-7060S rejects approximately 50% of solar heat, which improves cooling efficiency during the hot summer season and blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays.

PENJEREX®’s industry-leading heat-insulation performance was improved even more (U-value*:3.8⇒3.6W/㎡・K). Effective reflection of far infrared rays suppresses heat flow through windows by approximately 40% to help maintain warmth during the winter.

3.Visible Reflection
The current PX-7000A increases reflections on the exterior of glass during the day and slightly reduces the visibility when looking out at night. PX-7060S was improved to have low visible light reflectance and offer reduced reflections.

Iridescence may be observed on surface of the existing product depending on the light source. PX-7060S reduces this phenomenon.

PX-7060S is scratch-proof and not easily damaged by wiping.

*U-value: An index to measure heat-insulation performance when film is affixed to glass. Small numerical values are superior in heat-insulation performance and reduction in heat loss when room is heated.

Features of PX-8080S

PX-8080S further improves transparency while maintaining the same heat-insulation performance as PX-7000A. PX-8080S reduces the amount of reflection on glass and, like PX-7060S, offers improved iridescence and scratch-resistantance.

1.Transparency & Visible Reflection
PX-8080S’s high transparency results in a film that is hardly noticeable. It also provides lower reflections than standard glass making it great for shops and buildings which want to have interiors visible from the outside during the day and the exterior view visible from the inside at night.

PX-8080S’s heat-insulation performance is the same as PX-7000A (U-value*:3.8W/㎡・K). Effective reflection of far infrared rays suppresses heat flow through windows by approximately 35% to help maintain warmth during the winter.

3.Iridescence & Scratch-resistant
Like PX-7060S , PX-8080S offers improved iridescence and scratch-resistantance.

Marketing Schedule

1.Product launch : May 2014
2.Applications    : Glass windows of building, displays, vehicle windows, etc.
3.Sales target  : 500 million yen for FY2014 and 1,000 million yen for FY2015 *include installation costs

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