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Press Release 2014


Contributing to the future of vehicles through innovations in the integration of materials and evaluation technologies

Automotive Technical Center Upgrade

Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Hideo Takasaki, hereafter Nitto) has established Automotive Technical Centers (hereafter ATC) in four locations in Japan, the Americas, Europe, and China in order to provide customers with materials optimized for vehicles. At Nitto ATC, we focus on customers’ next-generation vehicle development projects by providing not only materials solutions but also solutions which address requirements for vehicle weight reduction and comfort improvements through the use of our evaluation technologies.
The Japanese ATC will be upgraded with facilities to enable a range of evaluations from conventional single component evaluations to whole vehicle body evaluations which will enhance the product solutions we offer to our customers.

Outline of Upgrade

At Nitto ATC, we evaluate and test the effectiveness of actual components and provide customers with timely NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) optimized product solutions during the design stages in order to make improvements to areas such as vehicle weight and comfort.
This upgrade will include the establishment of large-scale acoustic and environmental testing rooms for evaluating single components and whole vehicle bodies to confirm the effectiveness in environments similar to those in which they will actually be used. For example, we can provide visualizations for the entirety of a vehicle’s body to identify noise infiltration pathways into the interior as well as 360 degree sound source localization to determine the locations at which noise is generated. In addition, we intend to strengthen our package solutions in areas including door opening/closing vibration evaluation for whole vehicle bodies and countermeasure proposals.
With a focus on the keywords “safety, comfort, and efficiency” required for future vehicles, and employing reliability evaluations in a wide range of environments as well as the use of 3D printers to provide rapid solutions to functional component requirements, Nitto ATC will also integrate vehicle body evaluation, component design and material technology to contribute to our customers’ innovations.

Inside one of our Automotive Technical Centers

Using our core polymer synthesis technology, Nitto will continue to work with our customers to make improvements in weight reductions and comfort levels. In addition, Nitto will also provide new value through a combination of our wide range of technologies to meet demands for the use of electronics and IT in vehicles.


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