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Relationship with Stakeholders

The Nitto Group has prospered together with our stakeholders by repeating the cycle of holding dialogues with stakeholders to gather their opinions and feeding them back to business activities.

[Major dialogues]

  • Dialogue with employees: At Nitto, we established the Welfare Master Plan, according to which we are working to design welfare programs to realize a good work-life balance through regular labor-management talks.
  • Dialogue with customers: While listening carefully to what customers want, we provide information that they need in a timely manner. We also undergo audits by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and other industry coalitions.
  • Dialogue with partners: We invite all participants in the supply chain to fulfill CSR and meet regularly with our partners, thereby deepening our ties with them and building a relationship of mutual trust.
  • Dialogue with shareholders and investors: In accordance with the “Policies Concerning Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders,” we organize general shareholders’ meetings, company information sessions, and IR activities, in a bid to reflect input from shareholders and investors in our management decisions/policies.
Relationship with Stakeholders


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