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EcoVadis grants Nitto Belgium a Gold status for Sustainability


Nitto Belgium among top 5% performers worldwide

2020 EcoVadis Gold Sustainability Rating

Genk - Nitto Belgium has received a Gold status from EcoVadis, a sustainability tool fostering transparency and sustainability in global supply chains ( This result puts Nitto Belgium among the top-5% performers of more than 60,000 companies enrolled in this program.

EcoVadis assesses the sustainability performance in four dimensions “Environment”, “Labor and Human Rights”, “Ethics” and “Sustainable Procurement”. It concerns a self-assessment which is subsequently audited based upon submitted documentation.

Based upon the scorecard issued by EcoVadis, Nitto Belgium is scoring well in all 4 domains with a strong performance in terms of Environmental Governance and Ethics.

Stefan Maussen, managing director of Nitto Belgium: “I’m proud that we have achieved the Gold status from EcoVadis. Job well done by all our colleagues. Sustainability has become an imperative for all companies. Next to making profits also social, compliancy and ecological issues must be addressed in strategy and daily operations. Pioneers in sustainability will be the companies being able to attract the brightest talents and team-up in the most innovative partnerships.”

Sam Strijckmans, President & CEO of Nitto EMEA: “For the region this is only a first milestone in terms of CSR governance improvement. As a next step Nitto EMEA aims to achieve a Gold status for all Nitto companies in the region by early 2023.”

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