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Press Release 2015


A decision in the in-house contest to name new integrated R&D/human resources facility

New facility to be named “inovas”

Nitto Denko Corporation (“Nitto”; headquarters in Osaka; President Hideo Takasaki) is in the process of constructing a new facility at its Ibaraki Office, aiming for completion in October of 2015 and opening in spring of next year. The new facility will integrate R&D and human resouces development, serving as a place where people gather together to engage in co-creation.
A content was recently held among all employees of the company to come up with a name for this facility, and the name “inovas” was chosen. “nova” is a Latin word that means “new.” It also means a “new star” that suddenly starts to shine very brightly. Our company’s brand slogan is “Innovation for Customers.” As the name “inovas” suggests, we will go working to become a base that generates countless new stars (novas) through innovative activities.
By accelerating R&D in the Green (environmental), Clean (energy), Fine (life sciences), and Basic (basic technologies) fields, we will strive to strengthen our ability to develop new products.

Images of interior of planned facility

Left: The Gallery, in which over 400 people will be able to gather together at once / Right: The Future Center, where it will be possible to engage in a lively dialog with people in and outside the company

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Establishment of a facility that integrates R&D and human resources development :


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