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New concept for cleaning-COLOCOLO™

"I’d like to be able to clean up quickly when I’m busy."

Proprietary Nitto technology is packed into the familiar COLOCOLO even used at home. Please also try out the two surprising products “Floor Clean” which does not stick to flooring and the strongly adhesive “High Grade”.

Nitto's Innovation

COLOCOLO™ picks up dirt as the adhesive tape rolls across the floor. COLOCOLO™ continues to evolve even now, as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. The “Double Adhesion Technology” that picks up dirt without sticking to the flooring, and "Skut Cut" that makes where the tape is cut easy to recognize and easy to cut, are a few examples. Anothe example of its evollution is the “Shimon COLOCOLO™” for removing fingerprints from smartphones rather than dust. COLOCOLO™ continues its innovations in our daily lives.


A standard product of cleaning tools - COLOCOLO™ actually takes advantage proprietary Nitto technology. Taking hints from an employee removing dust from its clothing using tape, it became a hit product. Since it can clean without using electricity, it is also used in places such as food factories and areas hit by disaster. It is also used in the world heritage Ogasawara archipelago to remove seeds of foreign plants from clothing.