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Tuesday 27 March 2018, Brussels (Belgium)

Nitto receives two certificates of recognition from Toyota Motor Europe

On Tuesday 27 March 2018 our president & CEO Sam Strijckmans and our Key Account Manager for Toyota Evren Dirim received two certificates of recognition at the 18th Annual Business Meeting & Supplier Award Ceremony organized by Toyota Motor Europe. 

Nitto was recognized for its “Superior Performance in Cost Management”, the winner was Farplas Otomotiv, and “Superior Performance in Quality”, the winner in this category was Federal Mogul TP. 

Sam Strijckmans: “We are grateful to Toyota Motor Europe for both recognitions. This achievement was only possible thanks to a pan-European team effort by the Nitto Automotive teams in Belgium, Czech Republic, UK and Turkey!”

Evren Dirim: “These recognitions show that Nitto is taking its responsibility as manufacturer and supplier to support Toyota’s growth in Europe. This recognition is not a lucky shot; it is already the third year in a row that we receive a recognition from Toyota Motor Europe. Last year we were awarded for “Quality” and the year before for “Project Management”. 

We would like to congratulate the winners in both categories. Farplas Otomotiv was the winner in the category “Superior Performance in Cost Management”, and Federal Mogul TP was the winner in the category “Superior Performance in Quality”.

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