One of Nitto’s 13,500 products Drug delivery system

Nitto's Innovation

Nitto pioneered the development of the world’s first “transdermal drug delivery tape formulation”, and in 1998, developed the world’s first tape preparation for treating asthma treatment. By sticking it on the skin, constant and stable dose of medicine is delivered to the body. With reduced side effects, this innovation was highly appreciated as a new type of medicine. We are also currently developing drugs for the treatment of refractory diseases.

Drug delivery system

There are various ways to take medicine, including taking it orally or by injection. By developing drug delivery systems that deliver the necessary medication to the necessary places, Nitto helps give patients peace of mind. For example, one method is “transdermal drug delivery tape formulation” that infuses tape with medication that is then absorbed by the body through the skin. We are also working on the development of therapeutic drugs for intractable diseases that can efficiently deliver drugs to affected areas using a drug delivery system that targets specific molecules.

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