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Here, we introduce you to the surprising technology hidden inside Nitto products with videos of experiments so that you can see the value we provide to customers with your own eyes.

HARU stuck-on design; movie

HARU stuck-on design;

PERME ROLL™ Lite movie

XTRATA PERME ROLL™ Lite is a film dressing that is thin and adheres well to the skin. The sensation when applied is as if there nothing on the skin at all. The actual secret is hidden in the skin of a woman that changes before her very eyes.


TEMISH™ movie

The amazing TEMISH™ sheet allows air to pass through, but not water. Stick it on a cup containing water, and water will not spill even if you turn the cup upside down. Using the fact that air that added inside escapes, that creature popular with children starts to move.


Polarizing Film movie

The polarizing film displays clear and vivid images vividly on the display by controlling the transmission of light. To a child it may seem like magic that the images on are being projected on a blank white table screen using a single polarizing film inside.

Polarizing Film


You can make a car’s body material stronger and more rigid simply by applying NITOHARD™ and heating it at the right temperature. This Nitto product is indispensable for making rugged and fuel-efficient cars. We have devised an unusual experiment to show how it works.



Proprietary Nitto technology is packed into the familiar COLOCOLO™ even used at home. Please also try out the two surprising products “Floor Clean” which does not stick to flooring and the strongly adhesive “High Grade”.


Neodymium Magnet movie

This new type of neodymium magnet developed by Nitto is the world’s first* sintered neodymium magnet that allows free orientation control. The video shows how this magnet can improve the performance of a motor by 20 to 30% and gives an easy-to-understand explanation of how it differs from a standard neodymium magnet. *This sintered neodymium magnet allows free orientation control.
*This sintered neodymium magnet allows free orientation control.

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