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Nitto Denko America Latina Ltda (NDLA)

Company Detail

Nitto Denko Latina America, located in Santana de Parnaiba city (west of Sao Paulo city), Brazil, covers all countries of South and Latin America.
With a full organization in the region, including its new manufacturing plant of NVH products is present in several different markets such as Automotive, Metal Fabrication, Consumer Electronics, Web Processing, Aerospace, House and Construction, among others. With local inventory of Nitto products produced in several different sites in the world, Nitto Denko Latin America is able to supply customers a broad range of its well known products, such as: single and double-coated tapes, structural adhesives, protective films, sealing materials and many others.

To find our products: https://www.nitto.com/br/pt/products/

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Denko America Latina  Ltda.
Established Date 2000/Nov
Address Av. Charles Goodyear, 420, Santana de Parnaiba, Sao Paulo. SP, Brazil, 06524-115
TEL +55-11-2450-6600
FAX +55-11-2450-6601

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Company History

2000Nitto Denko starts up operation in Brazil, under the name Permacel Latin America, subsidiary of Permacel Co (USA company fully owned by Nitto Denko)
2001First sales of Electrical tapes to Brazilian Market direcly exported by Permacel USA
2004Set up outsourced warehouse in São Paulo (Brazil) in order to start up local delivery to market
2005First sales to Automotive OEM (Rapgard – transit film) in Brazil
2006First sales to Argentina
2007Move to new office in São Paulo, foreseeing business expansion
2008First sales to Metal Market, providing surface protective films for the stainless stell processing
2009First sales to Chile/Uruguay. Enter Consumer Electronics market, selling double-coated tapes for Flat TV application
2010Permacel Latin America changes its name to Nitto Denko Latin America, following corporate branding directions in Americas
2011Due to high growth, Nitto Denko Latin America starts to report financial results directly to headquarters in Osaka
2012In front of continouos sales growth and opportunities in South American market, Nitto Denko Japan approves first manufacturing plant in South America, which will produce NVH products for Automotive Industry (start up in Dec/2013)
2013In December/2013, Nitto Denko Latin America starts up its new plant in Brazil. Headquarter moves from Sao Paulo to Santana de Parnaiba, together with the plant.

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