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Safety efforts by sites 2020

Received General Category Special Excellence Award at the 1st Safety Promotion Conference.

We held the Safety Convention Promotion Conference for continued efforts fostering a safety culture through to shed light on outstanding efforts and learn from each other and to commend sites and individuals who have made steady efforts consistently. The NFS Team from Foshan, China, performed admirably in both categories of "Occupational Accident Prevention and Fire/Disaster Prevention" and "Traffic Safety" to win the Special Excellence Award in the General category.

Received General Category Special Excellence Award

Daily steady safety activities

Mie Nitto Denko Corporation provides practical emergency training three times monthly with a focus on priority themes. In order to enable speedy initial response to emergencies, behavior to take and procedures to follow are checked and the necessary knowledge is provided. Moreover, all-participating patrols are integrated into daily activities to check mutually whether the recurrence of accidents similar to those in the past can be prevented or spotting any irregularities in machines.

Daily steady safety activities

Thorough training to newcomers

Nitto Denko Vietnam Co., Ltd. provides thorough safety training to all newcomers to create a “safe and secure workplace.” The training adopts a system in which newcomers are allowed to engage in operation only after they have received special training of each task in the production site and are approved to perform specific tasks with a deep understanding of the safety concept and behavior standard of the Nitto Group.

Thorough training to newcomers

Joint promotion of traffic safety activities by three companies

Nissho Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd., Nitto Matex (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) Co., Ltd. jointly implement traffic safety activities at the initiative of local employees to prevent traffic accidents: Their initiative includes: the organization of a traffic safety promotion video contest and preparation of a safe driving guidebook in consideration to local traffic situations.

traffic safety activities

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