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Special Notes from the Discussion Process

1. Discussion Timing

Even if new raw materials are introduced to us, we may not discuss or acquire them due to development timing of related issues.
Before making suggestions, please contact and discuss timing with our Procurement Division manager.

2. Products for Cost Reduction

Cost reduction effects can be targeted for evaluation during discussions, so please thoroughly discuss the appeal of product values such as rationalization, standardization, and economic effects with our Procurement Division.

3. Product Information Meetings

We can have you hold product information meetings and technology discussions in order to provide systematic descriptions of products, new products, and technologies. If you want to hold one of these meetings, please consult our Procurement Division.

4. Technical Data

We may request you for the following technical data during the discussion process to determine whether or not to take on your products.

  • Individual data
  • MSDS
  • Publicly available materials for patented products, or an overall summary of patent pending products
  • User manuals, etc.

Contact Us

For any inquiries about Procurement.

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