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Materials We Need

1. Staple Materials Nitto Needs for Manufacturing Products

TAPE BACKINGSBase fabrics, plastic film, silicone coated paper, non-woven based on paper,foamed polymer sheets, non- ferrous metal foil
RUBBERNatural rubber, synthetic rubber
RESINPetroleum resins, general-purpose resins, thermosetting resins, thermoplastic resins, engineering plastics
CHEMICALSIndustrial chemicals, solvents
ADDITIVESResin additives, coloring agents, rubber-processing chemicals, carbon-based products
INTERMEDIATE MATERIALSMolds, intermediate products, plastic moldings
PACKAGING MATERIALSCardboard cores, corrugated cardboard containers, packaging materials

2. Equipment Nitto Needs for Manufacturing Products

Construction/infrastructureConstruction work/materials, electrical/air-conditioning equipment, equipment for environmental measures
Production/processingReactors/stirring vessels, coating machines, stretching machines, cutting machines, exposure/plating equipment, finishing/packing equipment
Evaluation/analysisPhysical property evaluating equipment, process monitoring equipment, analysis equipment
Loading/transportLoading/storage facilities, transport systems, shipping containers
IT/communicationsServers, software, network service

3. New materials that Nitto seeks.

We pursue development of new value-added products from various kinds of materials, compounds, and films. We are particularly interested in, antistatic agents, vapor-deposited materials, porous materials, optical materials, heat-resistant materials, low-friction materials, highly elastic materials, antibacterial agents, and polymer alloys. We welcome offers from suppliers in a variety of fields.

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