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Quality Policy

Quality to fulfill customer satisfaction

The Nitto Group’s quality policy is based on its corporate vision.
Our goal is our customers’ relief, safety, and satisfaction.
To this end, we are always mindful of corporate social responsibility and
anticipate social and market changes, in order to ensure the swift and stable
supply of products and services incorporating new ideas and concepts.

With a constant awareness of the best possible quality for customers, we
provide products and services with the following qualities.

  • Safe for customers, society, and the environment
  • Possesses the functions which satisfy customer demands
  • Easy to use, and appropriate for customer application and use
  • Contains clear information provided quickly upon request
  • Reasonably priced and reliable supply quantities that meet customer-
    requested delivery dates

*This policy is also available in Japanese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Japanese version will prevail.

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