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Supporting Sports 2016

36th Osaka International Women’s Marathon

The start (Photo credit: Sankei Shimbun)

The start (Photo credit: Sankei Shimbun)

Since 2005, Nitto has been a dedicated sponsor of the Osaka International Women’s Marathon to “Support the Challengers with Shared Enthusiasm.” For this event, which is the 13th meet since that time, the largest number of volunteers ever offered a helping hand, cheering on the challengers as they ran by providing water and offering sport taping for athletes.

Nitto also sponsored the Osaka Half Marathon and Osaka Enjoy RUN and organized its own unique events to great acclaim, including commemorative photograph sessions for runners and the “COLOCOLO™ Candy Catch,” in which guests could attempt to gather up candy using Nitoms’ COLOCOLO™ adhesive roller.

At the sponsor booth, many visitors were invited to play games in which they were encouraged to come in contact with our products so that they would feel closer to the Nitto Group. Looking forward to 2018, when Nitto will celebrate its first centennial, a corner was set up where guests could write the challenges they wish to achieve on ema (wooden votive plaques). The ema were then offered to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine.

“COLOCOLO™ Candy Catch“

“COLOCOLO™ Candy Catch”




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