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Supporting Sports 2013

Cosponsoring of Boy’s Football Championship in Fukui Prefecture

Nitto Shinko has cosponsored the “U-10 Nitto Shinko Cup Football Championship” since 2008 and supports the challenging spirit of children pursuing their future dreams.

On September 29, 2013, the day of final game, 112 employees participated as volunteers and held events such as a “soccer school” and a “soccer ball juggling event,” pumping up the event.




Soccer school

33rd Osaka International Ladies Marathon

This year is a milestone for us. It is the tenth year that we have cosponsored the Osaka International Ladies Marathon since our commencement in 2005, in line with the theme “We Support the Challengers with Shared Enthusiasm!” In October 2013, we changed our brand name from Nitto Denko to Nitto. In conformity with that, set a new mood for the event with the catchphrase “Let's start running with Nitto!”

Again this year, we cosponsored the Osaka Half Marathon and the Osaka Enjoy Run, held simultaneously. The number of entrants in the Osaka Half Marathon reached a record 5,630.

More than 2,000 employees and their families from the Nitto Group at home and abroad visited the stadium, with 185 employees participating in the event as volunteers. Some offered a taping service and water service to the runners in the Osaka Half Marathon whilst others helped clean the site.

The Nitto Group supports each runner striving hard towards his or her goal.

The start (Photo credit – Sankei Shimbun)

The start (Photo credit – Sankei Shimbun)


A Volunteer cleans the site


Volunteers drape towels over runners in the Osaka Half Marathon

Idea Contest

This year we again held the Idea Contest, this being the third time. The event is linked to our cosponsoring of the Osaka International Ladies Marathon. We received a total of 887 submissions, more than last year. The highest award was given to “Kondate Kangae Reizouko”, from which we get meal ideas using only the food in the refrigerator.

At the event site, we exhibited a piece of demonstration equipment illustrating the idea of “Kimochi Tebukuro,” which received the highest award last year.


Idea contest award ceremony


Exhibit of “Kimochi Tebukuro”

Nitto Dream Flower Earth

We set up a sponsor’s booth which introduced our technology and production techniques on the very day of the marathon. Coined Nitto Dream Flower Earth, we held an event in which we had visitors post stickers and masking tape to terrestrial balloons, on which each visitor wrote down his or her dream or wish. Later, the balloons with their many dreams and wishes were brought to Sumiyoshi Shrine, with the aim of bringing good luck.

A balloon from Nitto Dream Flower Earth bearing many dreams and wishes

A balloon from Nitto Dream Flower Earth bearing many dreams and wishes


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