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Supporting Sports 2009

Co-sponsoring Ehime Sports Exchange Tournament Long-distance Road Race

Nitoms co-sponsored the 5th Ehime Sports Exchange Tournament of Long-distance Road Race in Hojyo held on 11 February 2010. This event aimed to not only use sports as a means of deepening relationships but also to promote the bringing up of children in a healthy manner. The event boasted about 500 elementary school participants and was met with a great deal of cheer as the children ran through the town.

Donation of PVC Tape

Regio-volley is an organization that allows children of all ages to play volleyball in a non-competitive environment. Sports are a great way to teach children important social skills and values such as fair play, team work and being gracious at both winning and losing.

Furthermore, the organization also assists sporting clubs and trainers by organizing specific courses for them. Nitto Europe donates 4,000m of PVC tape per year, which is used to mark volleyball fields.

Volley ball court divided off using PVC tapes

Co-sponsoring 2010 Osaka International Ladies Marathon

In line with the theme of "Backing up Challengers", we co-sponsored the Osaka International Ladies Marathon and the Osaka Half Marathon this year for the sixth time. Despite it raining on the day about 450 Nitto Denko employees participated in the event as volunteers. Some helped with the organizing of the event whilst others helped clean the site.

Starting (Photo credit—the Sankei Shimbun)


Volunteer taping services by the "Maki-maki Tai (Tape-winding Group)"


Volunteer water service

Volunteer Activities at the Kaohsiung World Games

Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation co-sponsored the 8th World Games, held in Kaohsiung City from 16-26th July, The World Games are held once every four years and promote competitive sports not played at the Olympics. This year about 3,000 players from 84 countries participated. Chosen volunteers supporting the event assisted with checking entrance tickets and ushering ticket holders to their seats.

The new approach of Nitto Denko (Taiwan) which has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary since its founding is testimony to a company which its employees are proud of.

Company volunteers chosen

Sponsoring KRC Genk

Nitto Europe has been a sponsor of KRC Genk since 1998. The sponsorship includes fifty stadium seats, thirty of which are distributed amongst our employees. The other twenty seats are reserved for local non-profit organizations working with children. These organizations are nominated by our own employees.

At KRC Genk, football is a family fun activity. We want to share this experience with children less fortunate.


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