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Contributing to Local Communities 2015

Supporting the Harvest

On October 16, 2015, every member of staff at Korea Nitto Denko and Nitto Denko Nitoms Korea visited Gunnae-myeon, Paju-si, and helped with agricultural work. Forty-four staff, including the President, were split into five teams and labored strenuously for four hours, helping five farms troubled by a shortage of workers to harvest carrots, sesame seeds and beans.

Furthermore, the two companies donated windowpane insulating sheet made by Nitoms to the farms, hoping the farmers to make use of the sheet during the winter. Through this experience, participants were not only able to appreciate the hard work involved in agriculture but also enjoyed a feeling of accomplishment by working together.

Part of the harvest

Part of the harvest

Part of the harvest

Volunteer Activity at Children's Orphanage in Korea

Company volunteers carry donated household goods to a basement storeroom

Company volunteers carry donated household goods to a basement storeroom

On May 15, 2015, seventeen volunteers from Korea Nitto Denko and Nitto Denko Nitoms Korea visited NAMSANWON, an orphanage in Seoul. The orphanage, home to about fifty children, from infants through to high school students, is run in order to raise children who have difficulties in receiving an ordinary education owing to family circumstances, to be sound citizens.

Participants cleaned up the area around the orphanage and helped preparations for a bazaar held in next day. In addition, they donated COLOCOLO™ and windowpane insulating sheet made by Nitoms, as well as household goods such as detergent and wet tissues, which were highly appreciated.

Distributing Coal Briquettes to Inhabitants in Underdeveloped Areas of Seoul

Following on from last year, Korea Nitto Denko and Nitto Denko Nitoms Korea again donated coal briquettes to needy families lacking sufficient heating.

On January 29, 2016, a total of thirty-nine participants, including the President, visited Guryong Village in Gangnam-gu, where aging rows of huts are located. They spent three hours distributing 2,000 coal briquettes worth KRW 1,200,000. Furthermore, they donated windowpane insulating sheet produced by Nitoms, hoping to allow inhabitants to live more comfortably.

We hear that Seoul City is currently tackling the problem of abysmal living conditions, providing residents of such areas rental accommodation, among other countermeasures. We hope such areas will vanish as soon as possible.

Volunteers transport briquettes in relay along narrow alleys

Volunteers transport briquettes in relay along narrow alleys

Part of the harvest

Donation to Temples in Buddhist Thailand

Thailand is well known as a country where many devout Buddhists live. Buddhist monks are often seen begging and donations to temples and monks are made on a daily basis.

In fiscal 2015, Nitto Matex (Thailand) made a donation of BHT 21,000, and supplied meals to monks.

Visiting a Care Home in Singapore

On February 18, 2016, the President and staff of Nitto Denko (Singapore) visited Lions Home, which provides medical and nursing care for the elderly who are both physically and financially disadvantaged. This was the third consecutive visit by employees. They donated electric pots and pastries, along with a monetary contribution, after enquiry as to the residents’ needs.

In addition, ushering in the Lunar New Year celebrations, they brought ang pow (red packets) and mandarin oranges, signifying good health and prosperity for all.

Pickling Kimchi with Love Volunteer Activity

On November 23 and 28, 2015, volunteers from Korea Nitto Optical participated in kimchi (Korean pickles) pickling with residents of the neighborhood. The finished kimchi was donated to low-income households and social welfare facilities, in addition to 700kg of rice.

Donating Sterile Products to Victims of Explosion in Taiwan

On June 27, 2015, at Formosa Fun Coast, an amusement complex in New Taipei City, a dust explosion occurred, with more than five hundred people killed or injured. As hospitals where the injured were carried experienced shortages of medical supplies, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) and Nitto donated sterile products such as XTRATE™ PERME-AID, valued at 6,000,000 yen, to Tansui Mackay Memorial Hospital and five other medical institutions.

For our actions, we received letters of thanks from The Taiwanese Association in Japan, The Taiwanese Women's Association in Japan and The Taiwanese Medical Doctors Association in Japan.

Sustainable Livelihood Program for Unemployed Housewives in the Philippines

On September 27, 2015, at Brgy. Pooc, Sta. Rosa City in the province of Laguna, a craft-making course was held, in which 30 unemployed housewives participated. This program was designed by Nitto Denko Philippines (NDP), with the assistance of an NGO. It is an educational campaign which targets and aims to improve the livelihoods of unemployed housewives of Sta. Rosa City, where NDP is located. Furthermore, NDP provided the starter kits for all participants, while 20 employees of NDP taught the housewives how to make jewelry and potholders, as well rug weaving.

Following the course, five housewives started a business with 5 kg of fabric donated by NDP as capital. Profits from the handwoven rugs and potholders supplement their income.

Fancywork course

Fancywork course

Entrepreneurial housewives and an employee of NDP (third woman from right)

Entrepreneurial housewives and an employee of NDP (third woman from right)

Volunteer Activities at an Institution for Disabled Children in Mexico

Considering that many welfare institutions were facing dire economic straits, Nitto Denko De Mexico and Nitto Denko Automotive de Mexico supported CAM Childrens' School for the Disabled in their neighborhood.

On October 24, 2015, employees of both companies carried out maintenance work at the institution, mending a water pump and paving a pathway. On December 18, 2015, a Christmas party was held. The costs of these activities were covered by an in-house fund drive.

Both companies decided to continue their support for the beaming children.

Fancywork course
Entrepreneurial housewives and an employee of NDP (third woman from right)

Supporting Victims of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

From April 14 to 16, 2016, devastating earthquakes hit the Kumamoto district in succession and caused serious damage. The Nitto Group donated 5,000,000 yen to the Japan Red Cross for the relief of victims and reconstruction.

In addition, we donated relief supplies, valued at 1,200,000 yen, and approximately 1,000,000 yen collected by employees of the Group.


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