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Contributing to Local Communities 2011

Charity Fund-raiser in Vietnam

Nitto Denko Vietnam made a donation of 100 dollars on Charity Day held by an industrial park on July 16 & 17, 2011. Funds raised will be used for education and support of the poor in Binh Duong Province through activities such as the construction of schools and medical institutes.

Polar Bear Swim at Charity Event in Virginia

On February 4, 2012, a total of 9 participants, comprising 8 employees of Nitto Denko Automotive Virginia, and one family member dived into the Atlantic Ocean at the height of winter. It was their first year participating in the Polar Plunge™ Winter Festival, a charity event held by Special Olympics* Virginia.

Furthermore, one employee participated in a 5 km run, part of the event, and came in third by age bracket. Participation fees from the 5 km run and another 1,050 dollars raised in the office will be used for supporting sports for the disabled.

*Special Olympics is an international sports organization supporting the disableds' participation in society through sport.

Nitto Denko Philippines Participates in Mt. Makiling Cleanup and Ecotrail Restoration Program

Nitto Denko Philippines participated in a program to clean up and restore ecotrails at Mt. Makiling on March 3, 2012. This is a volunteer activity started last year aimed at restoration of trails damaged by a typhoon in 2006.

Thirteen members of the CSR team at Nitto Denko Philippines participated in the program for the first time as one of their annual CSR activities. They attended brief lecturers about forest protection before starting out and ventured on a 4 kilometer-long trek. On their way, they placed stones on a walkway for the safety of hikers and enjoyed a valuable experience, seeing big trees considered endangered and communicated with people living on the mountain.

Nitto Denko Philippines will continue to implement environmental conservation activities and contribute to local areas.

Fund-raiser for Digging Wells

We have so far donated 7 wells to developing countries in Asia, such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This year, in the third fund-raiser for digging wells, we raised 700,000 yen. We made donations through the Japan Asian Association and the Asian Friendship Society. The funds will be used for the construction of wells in the Philippines, Cambodia and Nepal.

Wells completed in Sri Lanka


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