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Promoting Education and International Interaction 2018

Internship in California

Throughout 2018, the IT and R&D sectors at Nitto Denko Technical Corp., and Nitto BioPharma, Inc. welcomed student interns from California State University, San Marcos and University of California, San Diego. Internships have been offered since 2011 and there are even some interns who later joined the Nitto Group and now hold important roles. Similarly, we also have internships in other sectors to provide valuable career development opportunities for new working adults.

Soccer and science experience classes in China

From October 10 to October 12, 2018, Nitto Denko (China) Investment Co., Ltd. visited Fengyizhen Elementary School in Mao County, Sichuan Province, to provide soccer classes in partnership with Total Football Asia (TFA)*, in addition to donating equipment such as water coolers and laptop computers. Several companies in the Nitto Group in China have participated in this activity, which has been ongoing since 2013. This time around, a “Nitto Mystery Science Class” was also held. Experiments were conducted using Nitto products and the children were able to experience the wonders of science.

Soccer and science experience classes in China

*Total Football Asia (TFA) is a soccer club that conducts activities to promote soccer


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