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Promoting Education and International Interaction 2009

Supporting Construction of Elementary Schools in Shanghai

Nitto Denko (Shanghai Pu Dong New Area) Co. Ltd. is a member of the Shanghai Japanese Commerce and Industry Club. The Club has implemented two assistance measures. One being to assist children with the commuting fees associated with getting to and from school. The second being the rebuilding of aging schools in Anhui. The plan is to rebuild two schools every year. We feel great pride in supporting a bright educative future for children.

Local High school and Junior High School Students Receive Laboratory Training on a Factory Floor

In May 2009 students of Iwadeyama Junior High School experienced on-site training for two days on the floor at Nitto Denko Medical MFG Co. Ltd. In addition, in November students of Miyagi Iwadeyama Senior High School came to also experience on-site training. Though the students were bewildered by this experience, they dealt with the packing and labeling tasks that they were assigned with care. A tribute to the success of the experience came by way of a thank you letter received from a senior high school student who was involved who expressed her thanks for the good lessons that she learnt.

Students at work with labeling

Receiving Internship from a Local Higher Professional School in Onomichi Plant

The Nitto Onomichi Plant accepted 12 local professional school students as student interns. Priority was placed on mentoring students developing improved 'greeting' skills. The experience proved to be valuable, assisting the students consider their future vocational direction.

Donation of Picture Books to Municipal Schools in Thailand

There are many children residing in the mountainous areas of Thailand who want to go to school but are unable. "Kodomonity" is a not for profit organization which offers opportunities and places for education to such children and sells picture books as part of their drive. In July 2009 Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) Co. Ltd. bought 4,000 picture books from "Kodomonity" and donated them to 50 municipal schools in Ayuthea. The picture books were of Japanese folk stories, each one being translated into Thai. We hope that such disadvantaged children in the future will be able to attend school. In the meantime we hope that these picture books provide children with an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and to develop a feeling of kinship with Japan.

A Disabled Student from Fukui Prefecture Receives Laboratory Training

A trainee at work

Nitto Shinko took on a trainee from Reihoku School for Children with Special Needs for three weeks from 30 November 2009. Though it was for a short time, the experience for all concerned was positive.

Backup of Scholarship System in Turkey

Nitto Europe engages in social action programs through adopting the suggestions of employees. In 2009 we made a donation of 2,000 euros (approximately 260,000 yen) to an organization named "Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi" in Turkey. This organization was nominated by one of our employees at Nitto Denko Turkey. The organization supports progress in Turkey by giving scholarships to young people, especially girls, to help assist them in finishing basic schooling and even to begin university. One of the students that they assisted ended up graduating from college with a scholarship as an intern to the United Nations. Nitto Europe chose to support this organization's good work as a way of promoting greater education opportunities for more young people.

Pictured from left: Kaoru Aizawa (Director of Nitto Denko Corporation), a representative of the organization and Philip Lewandowski (Director of Nitto Europe and Nitto Denko Turkey)

Elementary School Students in Shenzhen Visit a Plant

Students learning how to use a fire hydrant

On 17 October 2009, the fifth-grade students of Nanshan School Affiliated with China National Institute for Educational Research visited Nitto Denko Materials (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. The students seemed surprised to see automated production lines on the manufacturing floor and expressed an interest in the importance of safety. The students also experienced extinguishing a fire using a fire hydrant under the guidance of Nitto employees. At an arranged tea party, the students shared their impressions of their visit whilst playing with the souvenirs they had received. Interestingly some students reflected on how different 'fathers' looked and behaved at work compared to when at home.

Graduate Students of Melbourne University Undertake Work Experience

Student interns (second and third left)

In Nitto Denko (Australia) Pty. Ltd. located in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, two graduate students of Melbourne University undertook work experience for two months beginning from December 2009. The task that they were assigned related to researching future marketing trends over the next 20 years in relation to renewable energy in Australia. The students seemed happy to have the opportunity to utilize and practice their skills and abilities.

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