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Environmental efforts by sites 2016

“Eco Challenge” at the Kameyama Plant

Nitto’s Kameyama Plant has promoted its “Eco Challenge” environmental conservation / education activities for all of its employees since 2013. Employees bring their families to help maintain forests in nearby parks and other areas and to clean rivers, thereby making contributions not only to the environment, but to local society as well.
In fiscal 2015, an eco point system was introduced to encourage employee participation, raise the awareness of environmental conservation, and perpetuate conservation activities. In addition to their environmental conservation activities in the company and community, the system allows employees to earn points for eco-friendly activities at home as well, and the points they earn can be exchanged for eco-friendly products. In fiscal 2016, a total of 1,423 employees filed reports on their activities, which marked an increase by 905 from the previous fiscal year.
“Eco Challenge” at the Kameyama Plant

Repairing steps in a nearby park

Donating Unneeded Computers to a Charitable Facility in Hong Kong

To support recycling and waste reduction, Nitto Denko (HK) Co., Ltd. annually donates obsolete computers and computer accessories to the “Computer Refurbish Project,” which is run by the Caritas Hong Kong Computer Workshop (CCW). In March 2017, eight computers, one projector, and nine switches were donated to the Project.

Donated computers and computer accessories are refurbished and upgraded before being donated free of charge or sold to NGOs at low prices. Unserviceable computers are disassembled into their various parts for recycling.

Keep Singapore Clean Movement

On October 1, 2016, Nitto Denko (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. held its 4th “Keep Singapore Clean Movement.” Gathering at the East Coast Park, which is Singapore’s largest park, the Managing Director shouted the signal for employees and their families to kick off the cleaning campaign, and a large amount of garbage was collected. After the cleanup, the sounds of laughter among the children who participated echoed across the newly cleaned beach.
Keep Singapore Clean Movement

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