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Surface Protection Film for Laser Processing LASERGUARD Series

Nitto offers a "Total Solution for Laser Processing Surface Protection" with a wide-ranging lineup to choose from.

In addition to the conventional high adhesive for CO2 laser type, we have the medium adhesive type for CO2 lasers, and the type for both fiber and CO2, with a primary focus on peel property.
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  • No need for film peeling-off work that was previously required before processing; this can lead to shortened working hours.
  • SPV-LG-4002 (for CO2) and SPV-310GH5 (for both CO2 and fiber) are added to our product lineup as high-strength adhesive types designed with an emphasis on film peel-off prevention with assist gas.
  • SPV-LG-4000 (for CO2) , SPV-LG-5000 (for both CO2 and fiber) are added to our product lineup as middle-strength adhesive types designed with an emphasis on light releaseability.
  • No chlorine-based gas emissions during laser machining.
  • Finer finishing by twice cutting pierced parts or cut sections.


Product No. LG-4002 LG-4000 LG-5000 310GH5
0.100mm (3.9 mil) 0.090mm (3.54 mil) 0.100mm (3.9 mil)
Adhesive strength
20.6 oz/in (4.5 N/20mm) 7.77 oz/in (2.7 N/20mm) 12.3 oz/in (1.7 N/20mm) 18.27 oz/in (4.0 N/20mm)
Tensile strength
8.6 lbs/in (30 N/20mm) 11.0 lbs/in (30 N/20mm)
Elongation MD
250 300 320
(S-W-M (h))
75 150
Reverse Printing NO YES
Applications for CO2 for both CO2 and fiber









  • Surface protection material used during transport and processing of stainless plates and aluminum plates. The tape can stay on during the laser cutting process.
  • Also applies to the bending process.

Precautions during laser process

  • For tasks in which protective film for laser processing etc. is burned, gas will be generated as a result of the burning, so be sure to equip with exhaust facilities, wear protective masks for organic gases, etc. When working in a poorly-ventilated area, headaches or dizziness may occur.
  • Peeling film, underside burrs, etc. differ according to processing conditions. Please thoroughly consider processing conditions before use.

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