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NITOFLON® Adhesive Tape

Fluoroplastic Adhesive Tape NITOFLON No.903UL/No.9030UL

Class H electrical insulating adhesive tape using fluoroplastic film.

Fluoroplastic Semiconductive Adhesive Tape NITOFLON No.903SC

Semiconducting fluoroplastic adhesive tape for static protection.

Fluoroplastic Saturated Glass Cloth Tape NITOFLON No.973UL-S/973UL

Excellent heat resistance, releasing property and mechanical strength. Contribution to the heat-resistant releasing of heat sealing equipments.

PTFE Film-based Silicone Adhesive Tape P-422 NAT

Multi-functional tape offering excellent strength, elongation, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

Fluoroplastic High-strength Adhesive Tape NITOFLON No.923S

Adhesive tape with excellent features such as heat resistance, chemical resistance and non-adhesiveness.

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